The Dene – Partnerships in Care

Isolation at The Dene - Partnerships in Care

Isolation at The Dene – Partnerships in Care

The Dene – Brighton
Partnerships in Care – Alex Thurlby, Hospital Director

The Dene does not appear to run any sort of DBT based therapy for women to address their care needs. They prefer to medicate and lock them up.

The Dene, run by Partnerships in Care with Alex Thurlby as Hospital Director can be the most difficult place for women to have any hope in their care pathway back into the community. Women lose hope there. The Dene is an abusive stronghold consisting of medium secure, low secure and their new inpatient service for women with high dependency needs (HDU) – isolation and seclusion are for those poor patients that answer staff back.

Please see for details of the use of seclusion at the Dene, run by Alexandra Thurlby, hospital director.

Inmates graduate through Pelham woods. The Dene has also devised an award winning risk management tool but they don’t seem to use it. Most of the patients don’t say anything, so The Dene can get away with it.

The Dene also provides an acute service for men and women who are having a short period of acute illness. If they are drugged up enough they can be moved up to medium secure and Partnerships in Care can get at least £165,000 per year per patient from NHS England for doing so.

They provide security with an archaic over-reliance on medication and containment for men and women with Mental Illness and/or Personality Disorder.

Men and women with mental illness, personality disorder, mild learning disability, histories of offending, substance misuse problems and trauma or any combination of any of these difficulties can easily be abused and detained without justification.

Occupational therapy consists of finger-painting and circle time (for those patients not in solitary confinement).

The Dene is in Hassocks, Goddards Green, West Sussex. Just outside of Brighton. The hospital director of the Dene is Alexandra Thurlby and the Area director is Kim Hill.

Gatehouse Lane, Hassocks, Goddards Green BN6 9LE

Alex Thurlby Hospital Director at Partnerships in Care The Dene, Hassocks, West Sussex

Mental Health Care call 01444 231000


  1. michelle Branigan

    My daughter was in there for a few weeks came out with a black eye , was punched while sleeping , transfered to Highgate, signed out with all her belongings , escorted in a car with one male escort, arrived at Highgate with no property, while highly medicated , I reported the theft to police ,who didn’t investigate the theft. And the authority are supposed to be looking into it all, I’m not happy very upset as my daughter is just 20yrs old. I am thinking very seriously of going to the BBC. As this is shoved under the carpet far too much and it seems vulnerable people don’t matter.

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