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Blanket toilet ban at the Dene

Patients prevented from using toilet at the Dene

It’s early in the morning at the Dene in Hassocks, a West Sussex mental health unit. Patients are getting up and as with most people in the morning they want to go to the toilet. But staff are not letting them. Two patients were suspected of sharing medication. The Clinical Director of the Dene agrees that our daughter is not one of those suspected ...

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“Tell my dad the staff are abusing me”

Isolation at the Dene

This happened in a mental health unit in the UK run by Partnerships in Care called The Dene. Alex Thurlby is the Hospital Director. Our daughter was in seclusion for five days over Christmas. Another patient made a spurious allegation against her and the staff decided to lock her in the solitary confinement seclusion cell. On the Christmas Eve we called our daughter to ...

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Patient put into segregation after making a complaint

So our daughter is back in segregation. Not for being violent. But for what she said. Dr John Jacques of the Dene, her responsible clinician, told her that because she had made complaints about staff and that she was ‘trying to get them to lose their job’ she had to be put into Long Term Segregation. The MHA Code of ...

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Nothing about me, without me

In all of the guidance from the NHS, the MHA Code of Practice and their constitution the principle of ‘nothing about me, without me’ is an important and valid catchphrase praised by the government in their document: Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS Nothing About Me, Without Me – pdf Presented to parliament in 2010, ignored by Commissioners No one told my ...

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20 year old Daughter Sent to The Wrong Hospital for ‘Treatment’ Now in Segregation for Her Own Safety

Dear Dame Barbara Hakin, We have made NHS England aware our daughter is still in a Medium Secure mental health hospital since October last year waiting for the Commissioner of the service to acknowledge that she was sent there by mistake. We, and our daughter, were totally misled at her Mental Health Act assessment on October 3rd 2014. Absolutely no ...

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Procedural fairness

The common law right to Procedural Fairness in mental health was established in caselaw last year: R(L) v West London Mental Health NHS Trust ‘The common law duty to act fairly was engaged when a decision was made as to whether to transfer a patient detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 from a medium to a high security hospital. ...

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