Nothing about me, without me

In all of the guidance from the NHS, the MHA Code of Practice and their constitution the principle of ‘nothing about me, without me’ is an important and valid catchphrase praised by the government in their document:

Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS
Nothing About Me, Without Me
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Presented to parliament in 2010, ignored by Commissioners

No one told my daughter she was being sent to a secure facility second only to Rampton.

No one told her parents this was the plan. No Access Assessment was carried out. Our daughter has been emotionally abused at a private medium secure unit in Sussex with no access to therapy as a result of this negligence.

Not a single agency involved in her care will admit that they should have been more open and transparent about their intentions from the outset. From the ward manager and the AMHP to the CCG and Programme of Care Lead, Louise Doughty.

This method of treating people as not worthy to be involved in their own care is abusive.

The NHS dictum of ‘nothing about me, without me‘ is thrown out of the window by power hungry and abusive desk-jockeys in the Commissioner’s offices who treat humans like cattle – depersonalised and irrelevant.

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