My Horrible Experience in a Secure Psychiatric Hospital

I was stripped of my identity and any decent social interaction and any rights to choose anything. So many aspects of that place were more like a prison. It wasn’t what I needed. It never should have happened.

In her video Laura speaks out, raw and honest, about her experience in a medium secure psychiatric hospital in the UK.

In this place I was just put on Diazepam four times a day. So I was just asleep all the time. Some could say they did their best for me… I think they were just doing what was easiest for them.

Though not the sort of person who would usually speak negatively of her treatment, Laura feels that this particular Medium Secure Hospital should be shut down.

You take for granted silly little things like what you are going to wear. Then when you are not allowed to do that any more, you feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself. It’s horrible.

Laura becomes tearful when she relates her experience of the secure unit at Christmas. She has a lot of negative emotions linked to the place. She does not think that secure units should be this way.

How does this constitute humane treatment? How is it care? Laura seems traumatised by the experience. When a young person is at their most vulnerable, why is it assumed that to lock them up, depersonalise them and remove from them the very respect, care and diginity that people normally associate with an environment conducive to ‘getting better’, is the best option?

Watch this video, and many more positive ones on how she has regained her life, on Laura’s Youtube channel here:

Let's Talk About Mental Health

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

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