Isolation at the Dene
The Dene - Partnerships in Care

Joy Chamberlain, Partnerships in Care, Southern Health

A poem from a former inmate, and relative, who was taken captive in your private prison system. Sent there by David Morton of Southern Health NHS Trust contrary to the Principle of Least Restriction.

Isolation at The Dene - Partnerships in Care

Treatment at The Dene – Partnerships in Care

The Devil in Disguise (The Dene, Brighton).

You locked me up
You gave me no hope
I was lost and you took control
But you never let go

You broke me more than you’ll ever know
You hurt people for being scared
When you should have cared

You treated everyone as your possession
You took our freedom
Our failures were your gain

You didn’t prepare us
You left us feeling our thoughts were impaired
We couldn’t fight against you because we were scared

You taunt us and torture us to no end of despair
You never really cared.
You never really cared.

Joy, be a leader in healthcare rather than a follower of an archaic method of torturing those people in our society who are already disenfranchised and vulnerable.

Please, be a leader rather than perpetuating the NHS practice of providing private prisons like yours with year long contracts to institutionalise patients who then need to overcome the dehumanising experience of your places of detention.

Our daughter’s next article will be about the stark depression, dehumanising experience and the very smell of your solitary confinement rooms at the Dene, Brighton.


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