Where is the Care?

Joy Chamberlain - Partnerships in Care

Dear Joy Chamberlain, CEO of Partnerships in Care Ltd, Treatment in a mental health facility is meant to alleviate or to prevent a worsening of the patient’s condition or it’s symptoms. Our daughter is actually deteriorating again because of your company’s insistence on prolonging an unjustified detention. Do you understand this? Can you see that your company is actually making our daughter’s condition ...

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Contracts for Secure Services

Click on the links to download the document Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health Guidance for Commissioners of Forensic Mental Health Services pdf Access Assessment Commissioning Guide (2012) pdf NHS STANDARD CONTRACT FOR MEDIUM AND LOW SECURE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES (ADULTS) pdf NHS Standard Contract for Acute, Ambulance, Community and Mental Health and Learning Disability Services pdf Best Practice Guidance Specification for adult medium-secure ...

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The Dene – Partnerships in Care

The Dene – Brighton Partnerships in Care – Alex Thurlby, Hospital Director The Dene does not appear to run any sort of DBT based therapy for women to address their care needs. They prefer to medicate and lock them up. The Dene, run by Partnerships in Care with Alex Thurlby as Hospital Director can be the most difficult place for women to have any hope ...

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Procedural fairness

The common law right to Procedural Fairness in mental health was established in caselaw last year: R(L) v West London Mental Health NHS Trust ‘The common law duty to act fairly was engaged when a decision was made as to whether to transfer a patient detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 from a medium to a high security hospital. ...

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