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Isolation at the Dene

A poem from a former inmate, and relative, who was taken captive in your private prison system. Sent there by David Morton of Southern Health NHS Trust contrary to the Principle of Least Restriction. ” The Devil in Disguise (The Dene, Brighton). You locked me up You gave me no hope I was lost and you took control But you ...

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Where is the Care?

Joy Chamberlain - Partnerships in Care

Dear Joy Chamberlain, CEO of Partnerships in Care Ltd, Treatment in a mental health facility is meant to alleviate or to prevent a worsening of the patient’s condition or it’s symptoms. Our daughter is actually deteriorating again because of your company’s insistence on prolonging an unjustified detention. Do you understand this? Can you see that your company is actually making our daughter’s condition ...

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My Horrible Experience in a Secure Psychiatric Hospital

Secure Psychiatric Hospital - My Horrible Experience

I was stripped of my identity and any decent social interaction and any rights to choose anything. So many aspects of that place were more like a prison. It wasn’t what I needed. It never should have happened. In her video Laura speaks out, raw and honest, about her experience in a medium secure psychiatric hospital in the UK. In ...

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Deaths at St Andrews

Deaths at St Andrews Northampton

  The Observer quoted an internal report in which St Andrews Healthcare psychiatric hospital in Northampton found that the side effects of ‘anti-psychotic medication prescribed such as Clozapine were possible contributory factors to the death of four service users’ and that ‘staff be made better aware of the drugs’ side effects’. Unfortunately all too often staff ignore the side effects exhibited by ...

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SSRI Biobabble

Are you taking antidepressants? Professor David Healy, is a major proponent of establishing evidence based psychiatric medication regulation rather than the indiscriminate prescribing of pills based on adept marketing campaigns by pharmaceutical companies. Drug companies marketed SSRIs for depression, even though they were weaker than older tricyclic antidepressants, and sold the idea that depression was the deeper illness behind the superficial manifestations ...

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Contracts for Secure Services

Click on the links to download the document Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health Guidance for Commissioners of Forensic Mental Health Services pdf Access Assessment Commissioning Guide (2012) pdf NHS STANDARD CONTRACT FOR MEDIUM AND LOW SECURE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES (ADULTS) pdf NHS Standard Contract for Acute, Ambulance, Community and Mental Health and Learning Disability Services pdf Best Practice Guidance Specification for adult medium-secure ...

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NHS Choices – reviews and ratings

NHS Choices - reviews

Did you know that the NHS Choices website includes a ‘Reviews and Ratings’ section? You can search for a psychiatric unit and discover what former patients have to say about their treatment there. Here’s an example of one (chosen nearly at random) that shows some good and some bad reviews of a psychiatric unit in Northampton run by St Andrews Healthcare. ...

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